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Francis Eck logo
"Francis Eck was born on August 7th 1949 in Dannemarie in Alsace. Enraptured with nature from his earliest childhood, he spent all his free time alone in the fields and the forest, dreaming and observing animals, which he later reproduced in watercolour. Every year, during the school holidays, he went to Dunkirk and there he discovered another element that fascinated him, the sea... He was accepted for CREPS in Boulouris when he was 18 years old and graduated with a diploma from the National Education board. He practiced as a physical education instructor in his native country for 15 years or so until his insatiable desire for some sun and turquoise water prompted him to ask for a transfer to St. Barthélemy and then Guadeloupe. During this period he started to express his love for nature more and more through painting. Alone in front of his canvas, he found himself plunging back into that happy state of solitude he remembered from his childhood. Shortly thereafter he gave up his activity with the education board and dedicated himself entirely to painting.

A combination of circumstances brought him to Saint Martin where he decided to live, but frequent trips away were necessary to inspire and renew his creative force. His sources of inspiration, which are still nature and the sea, enable him to advance gently towards the very essence of his subject. As he refines the work reality and abstraction merge, and the painting, nurtured from exterior elements, no longer exists by itself." ... more
James LumleyJames LumleyJames LumleyJames Lumley
James LumleyJames LumleyJames LumleyJames Lumley
Nicole's Studio logo
Nicole White Kennedy
About Nicole White Kennedy

"I cannot remember when I didn’t draw. My formative years were spent doodling in the margins. Having grown up around restaurateurs, I am by nature drawn to drama, storytelling and have acquired a lifelong habit of people watching. Which explains why I am particularly enamored with street scenes and beach people …subjects with a narrative flair. Being part Italian, I am artistically seduced by colorful ‘al Fresco’ European lifestyles and attitudes captured on canvas."

Resume Highlights:
"In 2009, Nicole's Beach People paintings won top awards; The Jack Richeson Award at National Audubon Artists juried exhibit at Salmagundi Club NYC and First Place in the regional annual juried FALC Exhibit. Nicole has taken First Place awards in the NC State Fair and the Durham Art Guild annual exhibits. She has exhibited over the years in numerous juried shows, national and regional. Three of her paintings were chosen for display in the US Embassy Denmark ’06-‘09. Nicole’s art is published in the coffee table book "Painting North Carolina; Impressions En Plein Air" by Kim Maselli. Over the past few years, her art has also been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Artists and Art Galleries of the South and interviews in numerous regional publications. Jerry’s Artarama has created two DVDs featuring Nicole’s art instruction for sale nationwide." more
Marcel RECHER logo
DIA Van Gogh
"MARCEL RECHER artist, painter, of high quality recognized in several countries, was born on 12th February 1926 in Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

From a young age this impressionist painted, sculpted, invented articles and tableaux to beautify townships, homes, museums, art galleries..." more
Ali Golkar
Ali Golkar
"Born in 1948 in the historic city of Isfahan, Iran, Golkar brought with him a wealth of historical and mythological background when he settled in the United States. Steeped in the culture of Europe and the Orient, he began to explore the reaches of his consciousness and translate them into imagery.

Love, beauty, music, and poetry are portrayed with a grace and joy of life seldom encountered in contemporary art. Greek mythology is supplanted by Renaissance mythology which in turn is fused with the expressionism of twentieth century French humanistic art.

Golkar's unconscious aim, rather than to experiment with artistic vocabulary, is to transcend conceptual boundaries and to create a new synthesis, a new world of expression, where his thoughts become translated. His painting provides him with a model for ordering his dreams, desires, and visions: a way of putting them in visual terms that can be grasped by others.

For Golkar, his art, as his poetry, is a continual development. His work is a metaphor for the outreaching of his soul, and in this way his art becomes an invocation for all our souls, allowing us to trace back to our own experience of things that we have often felt but have not been able to express." ... more
Joan Lawson, Bluebonnet serie n°1 acrilic on paper, 30"x38"Joan LawsonJoan Lawson
Joan LawsonJoan LawsonJoan Lawson, FirstSnow acrilic on paper, 11"x14"
Bob MagnesonBob Magneson, Point LobosBob Magneson, Point Lobos
Tiana MarieTiana MarieTiana Marie
Tiana MarieTiana MarieTiana Marie
Bill Ray logo
"Landscape painting, pastel drawing, and figurative artwork by Alaska artist Bill C. Ray. Although the art in this online gallery was created in Bill C. Ray 's studio in Berlin, Germany, the paintings still have.strong ties to Ray's Alaska roots. In addition to landscapes and figurative paintings,other artwork categories include: Boats, Heidelberg, and Sept. 11" ... more
Nuss Fine Arts, Inc. logo
"By painting landscapes directly from nature and still lifes from studio arrangements, I learned the nuances of color and light on every imaginable subject from the rolling hills of Maryland to the delicate petals on a peony.

From 1983-1996 I taught still life and landscape painting in my studio and from 1998 through the present day I share my landscape painting skills in outdoor plein air workshops in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

I credit my artistic development to many sources, including my B.F.A. from Syracuse University, the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, my experience as a graphic artist and illustrator, various workshop instructors, and my students.

I am a member of the Salmagundi Club, Oil Painters of America, International Guild of Realism (artist member), the Baltimore Watercolor Society (artist member), the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association (artist member), and I continue as president of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters.

My paintings may be seen at American Painting Fine Art in Washington, DC and at the Gallery of CNY (Central New York) in Cazenovia, NY." ... more
Olga Konoschuk logo
Olga Konoschuk is one of the most promising new contemporary artists of Ukraine.
"Born in 1977 in Kyiv, she commenced exhibiting at 13, and from age 16 onwards has participated in prestigious International and Ukrainian art exhibitions. Prior to completing her 6th and final year at the Academy of Art & Architecture of Ukraine, at the age of 23 Olga Konoschuk became the youngest artist to be accepted as a member of the Union of Professional Artists of Ukraine.

In 2001 she graduated in first place with distinctions, awarded a specialist higher diploma and received the national accreditation of Professional Artist-Painter.

Olga strives to achieve the clear “sound of colour” in her paintings, and these colour unisons reflect her continual search for new aesthetical views. Some paintings are named “Perception” because things not realistic for the eyes may be perceived as realistic by emotive feeling.

Currently she is undertaking a series of private commissions, and her unique impressionist field representations of the oil industry are receiving wide acclaim. Olga has assembled an impressive collection of her work, which includes abstract and impressionist themes, and by invitation frequently displays a selection of her paintings at prestigious offices and business centers. Her painting has achieved international recognition." ... more
Paintings and Etchings
David Ladmore, Lunar, oil on canvas David Ladmore, Blue and Gray, oil on canvas
David Ladmore
"Born and raised in England, David is an award winning artist who works in the classical tradition. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia, where he also teaches painting and drawing. His paintings hang in corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and Internationally. David was elected to the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour in 1997. In 1998 he was awarded the Honour Award and A.J. Casson Medal. David works in watercolour, oil and etching." ... more about David Ladmore
Alex Perez contemporary realist painter
Alex Perez contemporary realismAlex Perez contemporary realismAlex Perez contemporary realismAlex Perez contemporary realism

Alex Perez contemporary realismAlex Perez contemporary realismAlex Perez contemporary realismAlex Perez contemporary realism

... more about Alex Perez
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