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Fire Airecraft - Forest Fire Aircraft

Aerial Firefighting

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Amphibious Aircraft
Bombardier 415
Bombardier 415 MP
Bombardier Superscooper
Antonov An 32P

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Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft
Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft
"Firefighters on two continents turn to Bombardier Aerospace for the world's most proven and trusted amphibious aircraft.
Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft manufactures, sells and services the Bombardier 415 and Bombardier 415MP amphibians. We also continue to support our worldwide fleet of CL-215 and CL-215T amphibious firefighting aircraft.

History of Leadership
Our leadership in amphibious aircraft began in the mid-1940s, with the delivery of 369 Canso PBY-5A amphibians to the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Army Air Force.
In 1969, the CL-215 amphibious aircraft supplied a more effective way of delivering water to suppress forest fires. In 1987, Bombardier launched the CL-215T amphibious aircraft with its powerful turboprop engine and aerodynamic enhancements.
In 1994, our expertise culminated in the Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft, which remains the world's most advanced aerial firefighter. The mission-specific Bombardier 415MP followed in 2004.
Today, our amphibious aircraft continue to evolve and see wide service with 16 operators in ten countries."

Bombardier CSeries Family
Bombardier 415
Most Modern, Efficient and Productive Amphibious Aircraft
"As the industry benchmark, the Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft is the backbone of firefighting missions around the globe. Launched in 1994, this high-wing, all-metal amphibian remains the only aircraft specifically designed for aerial firefighting. Its proven technology and fire-extinguishing power make it the most effective machine for the job.

The Bombardier 415 aircraft can also be configured for
- Humanitarian relief
- Maritime search and rescue
- Surveillance
- Personnel transport

Superior Performance
With deliveries of 198 aircraft, 20 customers worldwide and nearly 40 years of successful missions, the Bombardier 415 aircraft offers:..."

More about all the operational capacities of the Bombardier 415

Amphibious Aircraft on fire intervention
Bombardier 415 MP

Strength and Versatility
"Flexibility and ruggedness are the hallmarks of the Bombardier 415MP amphibious aircraft. This versatile mission-specific aircraft combines a state-of-the-art surveillance suite with direct water intervention capabilities. It offers exceptional low-level, low-speed manoeuvrability. This makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of special missions on inland, coastal and offshore waters

Special Missions
With Western civil certification for both aircraft and surveillance suite, the Bombardier 415MP amphibian is a proven ally in

Search and rescue (SAR)
- Civil SAR
- Disaster SAR

Utility transport
- Cargo
- Personnel..."

More about all the operational capacities of the Bombardier 415 MP...
Bombardier Superscooper, Amphibious Aircraft
Bombardier Superscooper
"In the U.S., Bombardier’s amphibious aircraft are sold as the Superscooper family. In addition to CL-215 operators in Minnesota, North Carolina and Arizona, the Los Angeles County Fire Department continues to lease two Bombardier 415 aircraft from the government of Québec."

Antonov An 32P
Antonov An 32P

"This aircraft was developed on the basis of the An-32 series produced cargo transport, in and it can perform the following missions for protection of forests: extinguishing of forest fires with special liquid; airdrop of smoke jumpers, their equipment, aids and cargoes into the area of forest fire; direct activation of clouds in order to cause artificial precipitation over the fire zone.

The tests confirmed design performance of the aircraft. After aerial discharge of 8 tons of fire extinguishing liquid from two tanks, at a speed of 240 to 260 km/h and from an altitude of 40-50 m, a water spot, 120-160 m long and 10-35 m wide, with concentration of the liquid exceeding 1 liter per sq. m is formed on the ground.

Drop of the fire extinguishing agent may be done simultaneously (in a single discharge) or in series, from the first and second section of each tank, with an automatic delay.

Two airplanes were used to extinguish the high-elevated forest fire in the vicinity of Yalta in 1993. Their experience (about 100 flights over mountainous terrains) demonstrate the high efficiency of the aircraft."

More about the Antonov An 32P...
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